How To: 14 New Uses for Old Tennis Balls

14 New Uses for Old Tennis Balls

What to do with the canisters of tennis balls gathering dust in your garage? If playing tennis is no longer your passion and you don't have any dogs to play catch with, don't give away your tennis balls just yet—tennis balls happen to have many practical, non-sport uses that can help with your laundry, gardening, back massage needs and more.

If you do plan on giving away your tennis balls, donate them to a retirement home, assisted living facility or local school. Tennis balls are great for walkers and for the bottom of chair and desk legs in schools.

Got your own creative uses for old tennis balls? Share with us by commenting below.

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My roommate went to massage school and she says the back massage trick works really well on the floor too. I've never heard the jar opener one though, that's genius!

Great to hear that from a massage expert. Thanks for sharing!

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