How To: 14 Amazing Reuses for Sandwich and Freezer Bags

14 Amazing Reuses for Sandwich and Freezer Bags

Sandwich bags are great and all—but what should you do with them after you are done eating your sandwich? Thankfully, these waterproof and durable bags do not need to add to the landfill right away; you can reuse sandwich bags for a variety of uses ranging from DIY gloves for messy projects to an instant pastry bag for frosting your cupcakes.

Want to reuse the larger gallon-sized freezer bags? They make for waterproof and leakproof travel bags for your liquid toiletries. And if you ever need a waterproof back cushion for your next decadent bubble bath with champagne, just blow air into a freezer bag and seal tightly. Ta-da!

Got your own amazing resuses for sandwich and freezer bags? Share with us by commenting below.

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