How To: 13 Unusual Uses for Coffee Filters

13 Unusual Uses for Coffee Filters

Other than helping you make your morning cup of joe, coffee filters have a number of surprisingly practical uses that have nothing to do with coffee.

The particular texture of coffee filter paper makes it perfect for cleaning your reading glasses, computer monitors, windows, mirrors, chrome, and other smooth surfaces without leaving any lint or streaks. The bowl-like shape makes coffee filters perfect for holding snacks, and if turned upside down, they can be placed over your plate or bowl of food to avoid splatters from occurring in the microwave.

Coffee filters, of course, are also great for filtering non-coffee-related items. Coffee filters can aid you in filtering out wine if you got broken cork bits inside the bottle and remove any food particles from cooking oil if you plan on reusing cooking oil for frying. You can also use a coffee filter to line your potted plants so that soil doesn't come out of the drain hole at the bottom of the flowering pot.

Got your own unusual uses for coffee filters? Share with us by commenting below.

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When you run out of toilet paper, coffee filters come in very handy.

they make great hats too!

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