How To: 10 Helpful Non-Kitty Uses for Cat Litter

10 Helpful Non-Kitty Uses for Cat Litter

Whether or not you have a feline companion at home, a bag of cat litter makes for a handy household staple that can help prevent grease fires, add traction to slippery icy steps, remove grease spots, preserve your fresh flowers, and clear algae from your backyard koi pond.

Not surprisingly, cat litter is perfect for deodorizing a variety of things, such as your musty closet, smelly shoes, wastebasket, refrigerator, and old books.

Cat litter is also apparently great for making a DIY facial mask, if you can get over the fact that the stuff you're smothering all over your face is the same substance used for covering up and deodorizing your cat's fecal matter.

Got your own purrfect uses for cat litter? Share with us!

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