STFTY DIY Contest: How to unwrap a new CD!

How to unwrap a new CD!

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Oh man, I just remembered this contest after talking to Yumi on Facebook about an hour from the deadline! I really wanted to make this all nice-looking too!...

Some other tips I just thought of:

- Don't leave your CD out in direct sunlight, because that makes it harder to remove the sticker cleanly. (This is based on my experience with 1 CD, so it may not even be true.)

- For really stubborn goo that just won't come off, try GooGone Sticker Lifter (TM). I'd only use it as a last resort because it may cloud your case.

thank you for how to open a cd

Fingernails, schmingernails. Place your front teeth on the inside of the lip on the top of the case, don't bite-just hold the CD case in your teeth, then swipe the CD case across like a credit card. Zzzzip! Plastic opens right up.

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