How To: Three More Ways To Open A Wine Without A Corkscrew

Three More Ways To Open A Wine Without A Corkscrew

Don't let a missing corkscrew deter you from uncorking your bottle of wine at your next party, picnic or romantic dinner at home. Following up on a previous post on how to open a bottle of wine using just a towel and a flat, vertical surface (a wall or a wide tree trunk), listed below are three more handy ways you can open a bottle of wine using common household objects or tools. And what better way to impress your date than taking off your shoe, placing a wine bottle between your knees, and whacking away at the bottom of the wine bottle with the sole of your shoe until the cork nudges out? You're welcome. 

** For the method that involves pushing the cork all the way down, be sure to poke a hole through the cork first before completely pushing down** 

Click on image below to enlarge. 

Three More Ways To Open A Wine Without A Corkscrew

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Nice tricks, Yumi :)
You can also use the shoe as in your previous post. You put the bottom of the bottle in your shoe and hit it on a wall the way it is describe in the 2nd step for the towel.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND...pushing the cork down into your wine, unless you tap a vent hole in the cork first. There is still a small amount of air trapped in the bottle and the cork getting pushed down works like an air piston. Once the cork is clear and -pops- into the bottle, you are going to be rewarded with a nice geyser of wine shooting everywhere, most likely directly into your face or all over your clothes/room.

You have been warned*

Very important detail I forgot to include. Thank you, Scrumps.

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