How To: Survive a Deadly Animal Attack in the Wild

Survive a Deadly Animal Attack in the Wild

Whether it's a shark in the ocean, a crocodile in the swamp or a swarm of angry bees, trekking through the wilderness always comes with its fair share of perils. To prepare for the worst case scenario, equip yourself with the right knowledge—then the worst that can happen to you is an awesome bar story when you tell your friends about your close encounter.

If you encounter a bear while hiking through the wilderness, should you play dead or wave your arms around to create a loud commotion in hopes of scaring the bear away? Answer—it depends on the color of the bear. Find out more tips below. Got your own tips for surviving deadly animal encounters in the wild? Share with us in the comments!

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How to Survive a Deadly Animal Attack in the Wild

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I went hiking in Alaska by myself. Went to the only store in town and they warned me to buy either bear mace, a bear horn or some pots and pans, since I was hiking solo. They were out of mace and horns, and I really didn't feel like buying pots and pans that I'd have to get rid of, so I took my chances without anything. Sure enough, I ran into a decent-sized brown bear, about 10 feet away. I just stood still and watched it, it looked at me, then walked away. That was it. I probably just caught it after its dinner by the river.

Yikes! Good thing it wasn't too hungry when you saw it.

Once while camping in the Sequoias, my husband and I were taking a hike, and came across a black bear with a tag on his ear (meaning bad bear - goes in people areas). My idiot husband walked right up to it, and started taking flash camera photos - right in its face!!!! The bear got mad, as you can imagine, and my husband ran as fast as he could - towards ME!When he got to me, the bear stopped, and bluff charged us twice. I almost pooped my pants. Because behind us was a cliff with nowhere to run!!!!! Thank God the bear backed off, and left the area. My husband has since learned about how dangerous that can be, and rest assured, he will NEVER do that again!!! OMG!!!!

Okay, your experience beat mine, though I was not taking closeup photos!

Oh my gosh. Thank goodness you guys survived to tell the story.

Is your husband effing RETARDED??? It doesn't take much common sense or intelligence to know better than to avoid ANY animal you're not familiar with, and especially to do something like that. SERIOUSLY, is he RETARDED?? What was he thinking??? Saying he learned his lesson and didn't know better at the time is NOT a reasonable excuse, doesn't matter whether it was his very first time camping or in the woods or outside his mommies house, ANYONE past the age of 10 should have enough brains to know better.

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