How To: Start a Fire with Water

Start a Fire with Water

Need to start a fire and have no lighter? All you need is a clear water bottle or jar, some water, and kindling—and for the weather to be very sunny during noon time. Tilt the water bottle or jar at an angle so that the water in the container can focus the sun's light into as small of an area as possible. Keep the container at this position for as long as possible until enough heat is created to start a glowing ember. 

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How to Start a Fire with Water

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nice surviving tips

i cant believe that even though it's true

I know, hard to believe! There are some videos of people demonstrating online, it's really cool how effective it is if the weather and the kindling material is right.

Hey Yumi Nice work! Is this post based on my water bottle video from YouTube? I just made a new one to explain the techniques better. Nice work! Looks just like my water bottle :D ..and now I can do it without using my forehead. lol

Hello! Yes, I may have been inspired from your water bottle video technique if it did involve you leaning your forehead against it. Thank you for sharing such a great skill with everyone! Can you share the Youtube link in the comment? That'll be a great resource for future readers who visit this page.

Yes! The new video is and is more instructional than the first. Comes after a year and a half of trying different techniques! Thank you Yumi! :)

I also adapted this method to be able to light a fire with pee. If you're brave enough to see that ..

Haha, that's very useful!! I should have done a post for that first. Thanks so much for sharing the videos!

I'm glad you liked it Yumi! And you are certainly welcome to do a post on it if you want. All I would ask is that you link my YouTube video in the post so that it gets some referral views.

Also, if any of your followers of this post are interested for reference, the original fire with water bottle is here:

You do great work Yumi and I'm really impressed!


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