How To: Make a Self-Irrigating Planter with Yogurt Containers

Make a Self-Irrigating Planter with Yogurt Containers

Do you have an excess of empty yogurt containers? Do you also happen to have a green thumb? Put two and two together to make a DIY self-irrigating planter for your next tomato plant, herb garden or whatever green growing thing suits your fancy.

Unlike the standard method where plant owners water the soil every couple of days, setting up a self-irrigating planter allows for the plant to draw moisture from the soil at its own pace, which helps the plant thrive under more stable conditions because its roots are drawing water from moist soil that does not go through excess dryness or excess wetness.

Though these self-irrigating planters are sometimes referred to as self-watering pots, you still have to regularly check to make sure that there is water in the bottom reservoir of the planter and replenish the water supply as necessary.

Do you have experience with setting up a self-irrigating planter in your garden? Share with us by commenting below!

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