How To: Live Without a Refrigerator

Live Without a Refrigerator

Believe it or not, it is absolutely possible to get by without a big refrigerator in your kitchen. After all, before refrigerators became a household staple in the last century, people somehow managed to store their perishable fruits, vegetables, legumes and meats for an extended period of time with ice boxes, root cellars, evaporative cooling pots, preserving, canning and more.

So whether you are a green enthusiast weaning yourself off dependence on big electric appliances or an urban dweller who simply wants more space in the kitchen, maybe you will find that living without a refrigerator isn't so bad after all. And maybe it's not such a bad thing that you no longer have excess space in your freezer to store all the cartons of ice cream for your midnight sweet tooth binges.

Got your own experiences living without a refrigerator? Share your stories and tips by commenting below.

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YES! I lived for 2 years without a refrigerator (or electricity or running water) as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger. Our secrets? Eat a lot of rice and beans and things that are dried/nonperishable. With veggies, just eat fresh - buy them for a day or two instead of a week. Go vegan! Eating meat or dairy will eliminate much of your need for a fridge. Still want cold water? A clay pot kept outside in a shady place can be a beautiful decorative item as well as a place to store bottles or jars of water or other drinks. It's totally possible - give it a try! I love the tips above too!

Hooray!! Thanks for sharing your experiences Steph! Love your advice. :)

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