How To: Hone Your Sixth Sense

Hone Your Sixth Sense

You know that tingly spidey feeling you sometimes get urging you to make a crazy career change or warning you against trusting a smooth-talker with your money? Commonly referred to as your gut instinct, intuition or sixth sense, your ability to subconsciously know something or suspect something beyond the realm of conscious reasoning can help you in all aspects of your life, from interpersonal relationships to big life decisions.

Anyone can expand and hone their sixth sense. Start meditating, listening to your body and as kooky as it may sound, regularly keep a dream journal. You can also try a couple of easy sixth sense exercises to help improve your intuition and also tease your subconscious into answering your big life questions.

Got your own tips for honing your sixth sense or crazy stories where following your sixth sense really helped you with something? Share with us by commenting below.

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Clicking to enlarge didn't work for me. I had to right click and hit open in new tab.

Sorry about that! It looks like it doesn't work on Chrome but it seems to work fine on my end on Safari / Firefox.

i really like the stop light exercice, for many things it let no doubt ;D
thank you Yumi

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