How To: Feel Awake in the Mornings (Without Caffeine)

Feel Awake in the Mornings (Without Caffeine)

For a quick pick-me-up in the morning, a hot cup of coffee is usually enough to wake up even the most groggy of risers—but feeling fully awake in the morning is possible without a single drop of caffeine.

Exposing yourself to sunlight naturally nudges your internal body clock into awake mode. Increased circulation plays a big role in clearing away your brain's sleep fog, and that can be done through jumping jacks, dry skin brushing, and, if you're brave enough, a cold shower.

Check out the other four handy tricks below to mentally and physically wake yourself up without any risk of a crazy caffeine crash in the late afternoon. Freshly squeezed orange juice, anyone?

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All great advice! I've been kicking the morning blues with getting away from my Starbucks and blueberry scone and trading it in for a protein shake! I feel just as awake and I dropped 3lbs, in two weeks!!

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