How to Detect Liars: 9 Signs to Watch Out For

9 Signs to Watch Out For

You suspect somebody is lying to you. What are the signs you should watch out for? 

Listed below are nine common indicators you should look out for when you suspect a little truth-bending. While a display of one or more of these signs does not automatically indicate guilt, they can be helpful in pointing out something fishy or suspicious in the way the other person is behaving. 

Here is a general good rule of thumb to remember: if the person is acting like a guilty liar (avoiding eye contact, changing the subject, acting really tense), then it is highly likely that the person is hiding something. 

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How to Detect Liars: 9 Signs to Watch Out For

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fascinating! according to , over 93 percent of communication is nonverbal! wonder how difficult it would be to write a script in python to detect this using only a webcam.... :)

Haha, if only I had the time to read the 50 books I'd need to know how to do that xD. Cool article though! This stuff is my favorite.

I can definitely believe that figure. Definitely hard to tell lies with subconscious body movement.

The staring way too much thing, I did that when I lied in a pretty heavy situation. Must have been so obvious. I guess the best thing to do would be to look around casually until the actual question is asked, then to look at them in the eyes.

The sneaky upside to this article is: what to NOT do when you are lying to someone. :)

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