How To: Brew Your Own Sun Tea

Brew Your Own Sun Tea

Assuming that you are living north of the equator, 'tis the summer season for brewing your own sun tea. Unlike the conventional method of dunking tea bags in boiling hot water for several minutes, sun tea is brewed over the course of several hours through the natural heat of direct sunlight.

So why bother brewing tea so slowly? Sun tea is environmentally friendly, as you are solely relying on solar energy (as opposed to fossil fuel) to steep the flavors of the tea. If you are a raw vegan and extremely strict about not eating or consuming any cooked or boiled foods, sun tea definitely fits that criteria. If living green or drinking raw is not such a huge concern, sun tea is simply a fun summer activity that allows for you to enjoy a more nuanced and subtle flavor of your favorite tea brands that will taste differently than the boiling water method.

Warning: though many people have enjoyed sun-brewed tea for many years without ever getting sick, sun-brewed tea does carry the risk of bacteria contamination, as sun-brewed tea water never reaches the boiling heat that would kill off bacteria. Be sure to bring in your sun-brewed tea within 4-5 hours, drink immediately, and throw away any leftover tea after eight hours. If the sun tea you bring in looks stringy, soupy or syrupy, throw away immediately.

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If you put a little bit of net on the top of sloar tea jug, maybe the bugs won't be so bad?. Plus we are all too lame with bacteria. I've seen tramps that are like, "cold, flu, illness, what is this you speak of??" :/

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