How To: 9 Tasty Tips for Repurposing Leftover Food

9 Tasty Tips for Repurposing Leftover Food

Waste not with your excess food. With a little bit of imagination and extra ingredients, your boring leftovers and extra ingredients idling in your fridge can be transformed into tasty meals, side dishes and desserts. 

Couldn't finish an entire bottle of wine? Use as salad dressing or freeze as ice cubes to use for later. Too much store-brought pasta sauce and not in the mood for a third pot of spaghetti? Use the pasta sauce to make pizza toast--slather some sauce on bread, add shredded cheese and stick it in the toaster oven for some quick and easy pizza toast.  

For the rare occasion when you have the problem of too much cake? Add cake chunks to a bowl of ice cream for a decadent midnight snack, or get really crafty by making your own colorful cake-pops. 

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9 Tasty Tips for Repurposing Leftover Food

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