How To: 9 Ingenious Uses for Empty Pill Bottles

9 Ingenious Uses for Empty Pill Bottles

Over time, it is easy to accumulate a bunch of empty pill bottles once you are done with your prescription medications. Other than storing small objects such as parking meter quarters, matches, flossers, toothpicks, and small arts and crafts supplies, what are some other unexpected ways to use an empty pill bottle?

For a cheap and easy cat toy, simply place a tiny bell inside a pill bottle for your cat to roll around and play with. To hide a spare key in a non-obvious place, place the key inside a pill bottle and then hot glue a rock on top of the cap so that the pill bottle can hide under the ground in the dirt outside your home.

Pill bottles can also be used as a doggie poop bag dispense, mini-ice pack, rainbow crayon mold, scented drawer sachet, and more.

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I also keep sewing needles, pins and safety pins in them. I have so many. I hate to throw them away. I need to find ore uses for them.

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