How To: 9 Easy Ways to Remove Moles from Your Skin at Home

9 Easy Ways to Remove Moles from Your Skin at Home

While you can go to the doctor to have an unsightly mole professionally removed, there is a good chance that a DIY home remedy can reduce or completely eliminate the appearance of your mole using items found in your kitchen or medicine cabinet for a much cheaper price.

For an easy remedy, simply apply apple cider vinegar directly onto your mole over the course of several days or several weeks until the appearance of the mole has been reduced. For other common kitchen items, you can also try using baking soda and castor oil, banana peels, potato slices, onions, and more.

Keep in mind that suspicious-looking moles that are large in diameter, have irregular borders, and are asymmetrical in shape should be checked out by a dermatologist, as irregular moles that change in shape and color can be early symptoms of skin cancer.

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garlic will burn your skin. A mole is not an infection so I don't know how this is not dangerous. I tried using garlic to remove a wart and the garlic was applied to healthy skin also that surrounded it: it started burning straight away but I thought this was just the healing effect. I got a big blister after one night and went to the doctor. I couldn't use my hand (where the wart had been) for three weeks...

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