How To: 7 Methods for Concealing Valuable Items from Thieves

7 Methods for Concealing Valuable Items from Thieves

Want to keep your money and valuables safe while traveling abroad? Play it safe and outsmart thieves by placing your money, passport, jewelry and other expensive things in unexpected places. Sew a secret inner pocket in your pants, or if that's too much work, try cutting open a tennis ball, using empty film canisters, or simply placing a small amount of money in a spare wallet while your real wallet is more concealed within your luggage or purse. 

Got your own nifty theft prevention tips while traveling? Share with us in the comments below. 

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7 Methods for Concealing Valuable Items from Thieves

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This reminds me of a book that I read a while ago, it was called "How to Hide Anything". It shows all sorts of neat and safe places in appliances and furniture and such to hide valuable possesion, you should give it a read ^_^ you'd probably like it.

Thanks for the tip! I like new ideas to be sneaky and hide-y.

If you are a gal and wear any type of bra that has some kind of padding--w/a very sharp knife or scissors cut a slit big enough to be able to insert cash, credit cards, id etc.

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