How To: 6 Tips for Eliminating & Organizing Your Paper Clutter

6 Tips for Eliminating & Organizing Your Paper Clutter

Are your mountains of receipts, billing statements, and junk mail getting out of control? For the sake of your own sanity, and to open up more space in your home, follow the six tips below to eliminate unnecessary paper clutter and organize important documents efficiently for easy future reference.

First things first: get digital as much as possible with paperless billing, and use automatic payments to clear up the mental anxiety of having to remember to pay your bills. If you are a business owner and need to keep track of receipts, use cloud-based digital services and apps like Shoeboxed to avoid the hassle of organizing receipts at the end of every year.

Finally, invest in a filing cabinet and spend a weekend or two setting up an efficient filing system. Color-code the big categories and create subcategory folders within the main categories so you will always know where everything is. Also take note of the documents you can get rid of after a few years—and the super important documents you need to keep forever.

Got your own tips for eliminating and organizing paper clutter? Share with us!

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