How To: 6 Clever Ways to Hide Your Spare Keys Outdoors

6 Clever Ways to Hide Your Spare Keys Outdoors

If you're ever paranoid about locking yourself out of your house, the worst thing you can do is to hide your spare key in an obvious spot, like under the doormat, under a planter, or anywhere near the front door.

One of the most fool-proof ways to hide your keys is to give a copy to a trusted neighbor, family member, or friend who lives nearby. If that isn't possible, you can hide your spare key on the collar of your backyard dog or underneath a planter or door mat—but on a neighbor's front porch, not yours.

For a more DIY, crafty approach to hiding keys, you can create a decoy hiding place out of a real rock, super glue, and a prescription pill bottle. Simply glue the rock on top of the cap of a prescription bottle, place the key inside the bottle and bury it underground so that only the rock is sticking out.

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A "backyard dog"? Like left outside 24-7? If so, that really mean. Dogs are pack animals and need attention, and because we've domesticated them to point of being so dependent on us, love from their humans; even if they have other dogs for company. People who leave their dogs outside 24-7 and think giving them food and water and nothing more is a job well-done should have the animal(s) taken away from them and fined for animal cruelty.

I am so grateful you commented on this. I had to read the phrase "backyard dog" twice to be sure it was what I thought I read. SO NOT COOL to leave your dog outside all the time. While a dog might be in the backyard for a while, it should never be left there all the time.

Sorry. What I really meant, dog that is sometimes in the backyard as opposed to an always indoor dog.

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