How To: 15 Life Hacks for Eating Healthier

15 Life Hacks for Eating Healthier

If you want to keep your inner snack monster under control, sniff an apple. Studies have shown that sniffing an apple or a banana helps curve your appetite. Craving something deliciously sweet? Take a whiff of something vanilla-scented, like a vanilla-scented candle.

Eating healthier is easier said than done. By incorporating a couple of strategic lifestyle hacks into your daily life, you can make it psychologically easier for yourself to eat healthier and minimize mindless snacking on unhealthy junk food.

Chew on gum in-between meals. Brush your teeth after every meal. Dine on smaller plates, preferably in a blue-toned dining area. If you absolutely must have junk food in your house, place them in hard-to-reach shelves that require a step ladder.

And assuming that you or your dining mates won't get too creeped out by this, eat in front of a mirror.

Got your own personal tricks for eating healthier? Share with us!

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I was 100 lbs overweight, and my doctor said eat nude in front of a mirror and think about how you look while you are eating. It worked really well. After 2 weeks I had lost 20 lbs - only problem is they won't let me back into Wendy's anymore.

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