How To: 12 Painting Hacks for Your Next Home Painting Project

12 Painting Hacks for Your Next Home Painting Project

Raw onions are commonly associated with bad breath, but when it comes to wet paint, instead of creating toxic smells they help remove them. If you just painted inside your home, slice a few raw onions in half and place them alongside the walls to absorb noxious fumes. Just make sure to discard onions afterwards, as they would be poisonous.

And onions aren't the only kitchen item that help you during your next home painting project! An empty Pringles can is great for storing wet paint roller in-between uses, and heated white vinegar is a cheap and accessible way to clean out gunky brushes. If you ever get paint drips on your skin or leather furniture, olive oil is probably your best bet for getting them off.

Other cool tricks that can keep your home painting project running smoothly? Swiffer your wall before painting for a smooth paint application. Use a thick rubber band on a paint can to wipe off excess paint from your brush in-between uses. That, and paper lunch bags are great for lightly sanding down dry painted surfaces.

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