How To: 12 Awesome Kitchen Hacks for Your Next Cooking Adventure

12 Awesome Kitchen Hacks for Your Next Cooking Adventure

Good home-cooking does require time, but not every step of the process has to be a time-consuming chore.

Need softened butter for baking ASAP? Rather than waiting for a cold block of butter to soften at room temperature, grate the amount that you need using a cheese grater into a mixing bowl; the thin shreds of butter will then melt much faster.

Want your breakfast bacon, but don't want to deal with flipping it and watching over it in a sizzling pan? You can bake bacon in the oven, and in the meantime, take your morning shower or prepare some scrambled eggs.

Using the kitchen hacks below, you can also core iceberg lettuce like a badass, store celery for weeks, section off ground meat into individual portions before placing in the freezer, and grate ginger without busting out a grater.

For a list of awesome kitchen hacks that deal specifically with produce preparation, check out these lightning-fast tricks for peeling annoying fruits and vegetables.

Got your own awesome kitchen hacks? Share with us!

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and peel your ginger with a spoon..

Good one! I never heard of that one. Thanks for sharing!

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