How To: 10 Ways to Use Exam Gloves in the Kitchen

10 Ways to Use Exam Gloves in the Kitchen

While medical exam gloves are commonly associated with hospitals and not the kitchen, they actually are unexpectedly useful for a number of cooking and cleaning uses that require handling extremely messy things.

For example, you can avoid getting weird food gunk from getting trapped under your fingernails by wearing exam gloves for steps in the cooking process that are particularly messy or gooey, like cleaning out the insides of an uncooked turkey, stuffing pasta, or making meatballs.

Other than keeping your hands clean, exam gloves come in handy for when you are rolling candy or making pie crust and you don't want the body heat of your hands to compromise the final product.

Read below for more amazing uses for medical exam gloves. Make sure to use nitrile gloves that are powder-free, contain no allergy-causing natural rubber proteins, and preferably are deemed food safe on the packaging.

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I'm a pastry chef by profession, and I almost always wear medical glove in the kitche and have done for 19 years. Not just medical gloves, but underneath them a pair of thin white cotton gloves, too.. The cotton is an extra prottective barrier between skin and hot pans or trays, and like the article touched upon, they stop heat transfer to cold food like delicate chocolate work and cold pastries. The primary reason though, is that I'm allergic to the flour. When I touch flour my hands break out in rashes. Not good for a pastry chef!

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