No Dish Washing Required: 17 Ingenious Uses for Kitchen Sponges

17 Ingenious Uses for Kitchen Sponges

Commonly used for washing and scrubbing dirty dishes, the ubiquitous kitchen sponge can also be used to sprout seeds, loosen wallpaper, remove oil leaks, deodorize your fridge, and more.

The porous, absorbent nature of the sponge also makes it perfect for keeping your vegetable drawer moisture-free, thus reducing the possibility of mold growing on your produce. Simply line the bottom of your vegetable bin in your refrigerator with clean, dry sponges and wring them out when they start getting wet.

To keep your bath soap from dissolving too quickly in its own puddle of soapy water, place it on top of a kitchen sponge to make it last longer.

Want to keep your houseplant regularly hydrated? Place a kitchen sponge at the bottom of the plant feeder so that the sponge acts as an emergency reservoir and prevents flooding if you add too much water.

Got your own ingenious uses for kitchen sponges? Share with us.

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