How To: Make a Heart-Shaped Hardboiled Egg

Make a Heart-Shaped Hardboiled Egg

Add a little love to your next bento box or afternoon snack with a heart-shaped hardboiled egg. Other than one freshly cooked and peeled hardboiled egg, all you need is one milk carton, one round chopstick and rubber bands. Perfect for brightening up your special someone's day (and much more original than a dozen red roses!). 

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How to Make a Heart-Shaped Hardboiled Egg

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what is a bento box or bento lunch? Sorry, never heard that word. Thanks!!

A bento box is a traditional Japanese way to pack your lunch in a plastic or stainless steel box with different compartments - and increasingly becoming popular in the States as well, especially for school kids. There's also a whole subculture of people who love to make their bento box lunch arrangements look pretty or cute--such as adding a heart-shaped hardboiled egg or making apple slices look like rabbit ears. Decoration or no decoration and no matter what the cuisine, it's simply a healthy, eco-friendly and convenient way to bring your lunch to school / work. I highly recommend it! the variations are endless, and here are photos:
I hope this explains some!

Thanks!! I guess for us old folks in our 70's, we would use them for pot luck lunches at the condo clubhouse, lol

I just looked at the photos, they are lovely! Should make kids want to eat more healthily. (is that a word??)

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