How To: Effectively Play Hooky from Work

Effectively Play Hooky from Work

On average, about thirty percent of working Americans have called in sick at least once just to take a day off from work. If you are in the other goody-two-shoes seventy percent of the work force who've only called in sick for actual physical illness or have never actually used a sick day, consider giving yourself a mental health day if you ever feel like you really need it.

Check out the illustrated instructions below on calling in sick from work to catch up on some sleep or to simply give yourself the personal space to feel more rejuvenated the next day. And you want to make sure that this mini-staycation happens in the middle of the week, not a Monday or Friday.

Just be sure to play it smart and not come into work the next day with sun-kissed cheeks and a look of confusion when your co-worker asks about your 24-hour stomach flu. 

Got your own success stories for playing hooky from work? Share with us in the comments below! 

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How to Effectively Play Hooky from Work

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