How To: Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones

Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones

When we are dealing with something as abstract as your thought process, visualization is the best way to improve the way you think your thoughts. So what is the easiest way to change your negative thoughts? Literally imagine flipping them around to its optimistic counterpart. It also helps to imagine them as little monsters, too.

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its so true yet so funny

thanks for sharing

if only it was THAT simple for people who, like me, suffer from a mood disorder...

Hi Mark, what's a how-to emotional guide you would like to see? Completely get ya that changing negative thoughts is not that instantaneous and easy as my little comic may suggest. Some monsters require more maintenance (tea? cookies? bribing with exorbitant money?) than a simple 180 degree twirl.

Do one about being stuck in traffic! Even positive monsters want to get home at a decent time!

Good one! Adding to the list. :)

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