How To: Display Photos in Your Home Without Any Frames

Display Photos in Your Home Without Any Frames

You can take a bajillion photos on your smartphone or digital camera, but they'll eventually end up lost on your computer hiding within folders within folders within folders... you get the picture. To bring them to the physical world, you've got to print them, but you don't have to settle on a boring ol' picture frame.

Below you'll find six ways to display photos in your home that don't require the purchase of cumbersome frames. Many of these tips also make it super easy for you to rotate and switch out different photos as you'd like, so your photo displays can always be changing as you print out more photographs or tap into older photo archives.

(PS: Here's a link to the magnetic photo ropes mentioned below, and you can find the Shutterfly decals here.)

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I really like the photo clothesline idea, and the cupboard one. So unexpected!

Finally, going to do the photo thing.........

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