How To: 8 Tricks to Successfully Learning a New Language in Record Time

8 Tricks to Successfully Learning a New Language in Record Time

There are many advantages to knowing how to speak in foreign languages, whether it's for traveling, business, or simply for the pleasure of getting to know a culture that is completely different from your own.

Though it takes a lifetime to perfect a language, you can get a jumpstart on the basics with some practice, memorization, and most importantly—real-life interaction with native speakers. Thanks to the digital age we now live in, free web-based apps and internet tools makes it easier than ever before to learn new languages and interact with people from different countries.

Got your own tips and tricks for learning a new language? Share with us below. Also, make sure to check out my previous illustration on decoding body language, because language isn't just about words!

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The key issue is not how to learn a language in record time, but how to learn it all!! :-)

I say this because the vast majority of people give up learning languages well before they get anywhere with it. Why? Because they get too frustrated, progress is too slow, they end up believing they have no talent for it, etc etc

The reality is that EVERYONE has talent! We all proved it by learning our first, the hardest by far! So what goes wrong? Well, what goes wrong is that we have been sold a lie! We are told to memorise vocab, study the grammar, drill your sounds etc. NONE of these are the ways we learned our first language.

We need ways that are similar to how we learned our first, but of course different. So check out here what that will look like:

The issue is NOT how to learn quickly but how to learn at all! :-)

Most people give up! Why? Because they are going about it the wrong way. We clearly all have the talent! Already proved by learning the first, the hardest of them all!

Listen to this and see why we are all capable and what can be done about it!

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