How To: 7 Easy Ways to Remove Water Ring Marks from Wood Furniture

7 Easy Ways to Remove Water Ring Marks from Wood Furniture

Summertime is officially here, which means that the likelihood of someone leaving a glass of cold water on your wooden furniture without a coaster and leaving behind an annoying water ring mark on the surface has increased tenfold. What can you do to get rid of that annoying mark?

First things first—check to see if your furniture is an antique or less than 50 years old. If it is the former, then you may need to seek the help of a furniture restoration specialist. Also, if the ring is black and not white, then the water mark may have already seeped too deeply into the surface for any of the DIY techniques below to work.

However, if the water mark is not too old and still whitish in color, then bust out the hair dryer, white vinegar, mayonnaise, or any of the other easy DIY techniques below for restoring your table surface.

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