How To: 12 Unconventional Uses for Disposable Chopsticks

12 Unconventional Uses for Disposable Chopsticks

If your love for Chinese takeout has left you with a pile of unused disposable chopsticks in your kitchen drawer, then you're in luck. In addition to being a very versatile eating utensil for pretty much any cuisine, chopsticks also come in handy for eating Cheetos without getting cheesy dust all over your fingers, pitting cherries, skewering food, stirring drinks, cleaning out dirt from hard-to-reach spaces, and more.

If you ever run out of dish rack space for drying dishes, you can place chopsticks horizontally on the countertop and then place your dishes upside-down on top to make more drying space. You can also place chopsticks vertically in a jar and hang wet gloves, socks, plastic bags, and other wet items from them to air-dry.

Got your own favorite uses for disposable chopsticks? Share with us! Click on image to enlarge.

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Great idea, Yumi.
If you bind or glue the chopsticks together, you can get a nice trivet. Or ladies can paint it and use in their hair..

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