How To: Roll Your Own Sushi

Roll Your Own Sushi

The next time you are craving sushi, how about making it yourself? All you need is some sushi rice (you CAN use leftover white rice, but this would taste better), sheets of nori (seaweed), a sushi rolling mat and your favorite sushi ingredients. Do the classic California roll (avocado, imitation crab meat, cucumber, daikon radish) or go crazy with your own unique sushi invention (tempeh? smoked salmon? shredded kale? Anything goes).

Don't get discouraged if your rolls end up messy the first couple of times, as it does take some practice to get the rolling part right. Keep at it, and you will soon be on your way to making your own fanciful sushi creations to impress friends at your next potluck or eaten solo with shameless satisfaction without having to worry about sharing. Yummy!

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hahaha thanx for the info. been doing this rolling thing for a dozen time & only a few resulted a nice shushi shape :D

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