How To: Live with Only 100 Things or Less

Live with Only 100 Things or Less

So is it possible to live with only 100 things or less? Blogger David Bruno has created sort of an online meme dare called "100 thing challenge" for people to live on 100 things or less. If you Google "100 thing challenge," you can see how other people who have taken on the challenge have whittled down their personal belongings to just 100 things.

So how about giving away that panini maker that's still in its original box? Or donating to the local library your collection of Russian classics that you haven't cracked open since high school? Get rid of your excess junk and with whatever is left over, get creative with prioritizing what you absolutely need and what items you can rent or borrow without having to own for yourself.

Once you've whittled down your personal belongings to only what is absolutely necessary, you will have more physical and mental space in your life to truly enjoy what is really important in life. Intangible things like relationships, experiencing new things, traveling all over the world, learning new skills, and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. When it comes to material possessions, less is definitely more.

Would you ever attempt the 100 thing challenge for yourself? And if you have already tried it—how did it go with you? Share with us by commenting below!

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