How To: 10 Hacks for Your Next Epic Road Trip

10 Hacks for Your Next Epic Road Trip

A long summer road trip brings opportunity for adventure, but also increases the chances for minor disasters including backseats that smell like stale French fries, getting lost in unfamiliar roads, and getting unexpectedly carsick.

Minimize messiness in your car by turning your empty plastic cereal container into a makeshift trashcan and turning your plastic shoe organizer into a car organizer for random small items that won't float around in your backseat.

If your car ever starts smelling less like air freshener and more like smelly feet or greasy diner food, hit up a local coffee shop for used coffee grounds that can then be used as a cheap and effective deodorizer overnight.

Using binder clips, wires and rubber bands, make a simple car mount for your smartphone so that you only need to glance to the side and not down on your lap to reference your smartphone's GPS.

As it goes without saying, make sure your car maintenance is up to speed before hitting the road.

Got your own tips and hacks for a long road trip? Share with us!

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